D’obair mé maidin inniu, agus ansin chuaigh mé chuig an cáife Blue Sky chun greim bia a fháil. I ndiadh lón, cheannaigh mé rudaí san ollmhargadh, agus ansin sheinn mé cuplá foinn ar an pianó, an melodica, an fheadóg íseal, an bouzouki, an maindilín agus an ghiotár. D’foghlaim mé giota beag níos mó Briotáinis, agus rinne mé níos mó obair chomh maith. Anocht tá mé ag dul chuig ceolchoirm san cáife Blue Sky. Beidh banna ceol darb ainm Gildas ag seinm, agus sílim go bhfuil siad ag ceol as Breatnais.

I worked this morning, and then went to the Blue Sky Café for a bite to eat. After lunch I bought some things at the supermarket, and then played a few tunes on the piano, melodica, low whistle, bouzouki, mandolin and guitar. I also learnt a bit more Breton, and did some more work. Tonight I’m going to a gig at the Blue Sky Café. A band called Gildas are playing and I think they sing in Welsh.

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