Painéil greine

Painéíl greine ar mo dhíon / Solar panels on my roof

Chuiagh mé chun an fiaclóir maidin inniu, agus ní raibh fadhb ar bith leis mo fhiacla go hádhúil. Mar bhí daoine ag obair sa teach agus ar an díon, chuaigh mé amach chun lón a fháíl. Tá an obair déanta acu anois, agus tá na painéíl greine ag gin leictreachas. Rachaidh siad ar ais amárach chun an scafall a thógáil as an díon.

I went to the dentist this morning and there were no problems with my teeth, fortunately. As the guys were working in the house and on the roof, I went out for lunch. The work is finished now and the solar panels are generating electricity. They’ll be back tomorrow to take down the scaffolding from the roof.

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