Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg Brezhoneg
imperméable waterproof diddosi didreuz
barboter; faire trempette to paddle (in water) slotian; padlo; ffritian bourbouilhañ
pagayer to paddle (a kayak/canoe) rhwyfo; padlo roeñvat
la pataugeoire paddling pool pwll padlo poullig patouilhañ
patauger to wade/splash about; flounder sblasio; fflatsio; slotian; ymdrochi papouilhat
décrocher to go cold turkey gwneud triniaeth croen gwydd diskregiñ
tailler to sharpen (pencil) rhoi/gwneud blaen (ar bensel); hogi, miniogi krennañ
le taille-crayon pencil sharpener peth gwneud min/awch ar bensel beger-kreionoù
aiguiser to sharpen (blade/appetite) hogi; rhoi min ar lemmañ
le coquelicot poppy (wild) llygad y cythraul; llygad y bwgan; bochgoch roz-aer
le pavot poppy (cultivated) pabi roz-moc’h
les soins intensifs (m) intensive care gofal arbennig; gofal dwys prederioù askoridik
les menottes (f) handcuffs gefynnau (llaw) kefioù-dorn; grizilhonoù
menotter to handcuff gefynnu; rhoi gefynnau (ar) grizilhonañ
avoir les menottes aux poignets to be handcuffed bod mewn gefynnau
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