Les mot de la semaine

– impressionnable; dégoûté = squeamish = dicra = santidig
– facilement dégoûté par = to be squeamish = bod yn ddicra = dic’hoantaat
– l’enterrement (m); les obsèques (fpl) = funeral = angladd = interamant; obidoù
– le piano droit = upright piano = piano unionsyth = piano eeun
– le piano à queue = grand piano = piano grand = piano lostek
– la gamme = (musical) scale = graddfa = skeulenn
– l’école maternelle (f); le jardin d’enfants = nursery school; kindergarten = meithrinfa = skol-vamm
– qui se ressemble s’assemble = it takes one to know one; birds of a feather flock together = tebyg at ei debyg
– le larron = thief (obsolete) = lleidr = laer
– l’occasion fait le larron = opportunity makes the thief
– (s’entendre) comme larrons en foire = (to be) thick as thieves = (bod yn) gryn lawiau = en em glevet d’ober droug

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