Slugs and snails and owls

Here some of the words that came up this week at the polyglot conversation group, along with a few related words and expressions.

bulhorn = snail
gluthvelhwenn; melhwenn = slug
kowann; oula = owl
mordardha = to surf
modardh = surf

malwoden; malwen (malwod, pl) = snail
gwlithen; malwen ddu = slug
tylluan; gwdihŵ = owl
brigdonni; brigo tonnau; reidio tonnau; syrffio = to surf
pori = to surf (the web)
brigdonnwr; brigwr tonnau; syrffiwr = surfer
ewyn môr; brig y don; ewyn y don = surf
talp = nugget, chunk, lump, byte
cnepyn = nugget, nodule, lump, pommel
gwrthrychedd; gwrthrycholdeb = objectivity

melc’houed; melc’hwed; mailgorn; melc’houedenn-grogennek = snail
melc’houed; melc’hwedenn; likoch = slug
penn-kazh; toud; korverig = owl

doué(e); de talent = talented
avoir du talent = to be talented
un musicien de talent = a talented musician
aux talents multiples = multi-talented
avoir plusieurs cordes à son arc = to have many tricks up one’s sleeve (be multi-talented)
elle est extrêmement douée = she is extremely talented
l’escargot (f) = snail
la limace = slug
le hibou; la chouettte = owl

die Streichholzschachtel = matchbox
der Streichholzschächtelchen = little matchbox
die Schnecke = snail
das Schneckengehäuse = snail shell
die Nacktschnecke = slug (“naked snail”)
die Eule = owl

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2 Responses to Slugs and snails and owls

  1. Kevin says:


    Re “avoir plusieurs cordes à son arc”: I think this is “to have a number of strings to one’s bow” rather than “to have many tricks up one’s sleeve”.

    With the latter, you’re perhaps thinking of “to have more than one trick up one’s sleeve”, which I’d say is better represented in French by “avoir plus d’un tour dans son sac”, “avoir plus d’un lapin dans son chapeau” …or even “avoir plus d’un truc dans sa manche”!

  2. Johanna says:

    “Snail shell” in German is “Schneckengehäuse”. :)

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