Les mots de la semaine

– la déviation = diversion (of route) = dargyfeiriad = diroudennañ
– la diversion = diversion (distraction) = gwrthdyniad = distroadenn
– faire diversion = to create a diversion = creu gwrthdyniad = distroiñ an nen
– le meeting / rassemblement = rally = rali = bodadeg
– un meeting de prostestation = a protest rally = rali protest / gwrthdystiad = manifestadeg
– un rassemblement pour la paix = a peace rally = rali heddwch
– la ceinture de sauvetage = liftbelt = gwregys achub
– sauter à cloche-pied = to hop = hercian / hopian
– le trisaïeul = great-great-grandfather = hen hen daid/dad-cu
– la trisaïeule = great-great-grandmother = hen hen nain/mamgu
– la boulette de viande = meatball = pellen gig (?)

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2 Responses to Les mots de la semaine

  1. Kevin Flynn says:

    I couldn’t find the Breton for “lifebelt” either, but here are some related terms:

    E – lifebuoy
    C – bwi achub
    B – boue saveteiñ
    F – bouée de sauvetage

    E – life jacket
    C – siaced achub
    B – jiletenn-saveteiñ
    F – gilet de sauvetage

    E – life raft
    C – rafft achub
    B – radell saveteiñ
    F – radeau de sauvetage

  2. Kevin Flynn says:

    I believe that the pattern in Breton for father/mother, grandfather/mother, and great-grandfather/mother is as follows:



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