Les mots de la semaine

- asticoter = to wind up (annoy, provoke) = pryfocio, cythruddo
- fermer = to wind up (a company) = dirwyn i ben
- faire marcher qn = to pull sb’s leg (tease) = tynnu coes rhywun
- la (future/jeune) mariée = bride = priodferch
- le marié = (bride)groom = priodfab
- se casser le col du fémur = to break one’s hip = torri clun
- directeur (-trice) = warden (institution) = warden
- contractuel (le) = traffic warden = warden traffig
- barboter / faire trempette = to paddle (in water) = padlo / rhodli
- pagayer = to paddle (boat/canoe) = padlo
- (faire la) nage du chien = (to do the) doggy paddle = padlo ci

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