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Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg le rouge à lèvres lipstick minlliw, lliwydd le rouge, le rouge à joues rouge powdwr coch, rouge, gruddliw la suie soot huddygl, parddu être sur le cas to be on the case dire qch sur un ton pince-sans-rire to say sth tongue in cheek dwueud rhwybeth â’ch tafod yn eich boch dwueud […]

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Hajej, můj zlatoušku

Dnes jsem se naučil Česká píseň: “Hajej, můj zlatoušku”. To je záznam melodii hrál na harfu: To je záznam mě zpívat tuto píseň: Today I started learning the Czech song, “Hajej, můj zlatoušku”, which I think is a lullaby, as the title means something like “Sleep now my little golden one”. I recorded the tune […]

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Beaches, pebbles and birds

I’ve decided to concentrate on a different language each day from today, and maybe to write a bit in that and/or about that language here. So today and on subsequent Mondays I’ll be playing with Manx (Gaelg). Ren mee briwnys er my inçhyn cochruinnaghey er çhengey anchasley gagh laa, as bee mee screeu beggan ayns […]

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