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New song – Hints of Blossom

I wrote this song this week inspired by the fine weather we’ve been enjoying in Bangor. It’s been sunny and almost warm during the day with blue skies, and rather cold and frosty at night. Hints of Blossom On a cold frosty morning in the month of February I stepped out from my doorway to […]

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Les mot de la semaine

– un compte courant = current account = cyfrif cyfredol = kont-red – un compte d’épargne / de dépôt = savings account = cyfrif cynilion = kont-espern – l’épargne, l’économie = savings = cynilion = arboell – économiser = to save (money) = cynilo; arbed = armerzhañ – l’intérêt (m) = interest = llog = […]

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Slugs and snails and owls

Here some of the words that came up this week at the polyglot conversation group, along with a few related words and expressions. Kernewek bulhorn = snail gluthvelhwenn; melhwenn = slug kowann; oula = owl mordardha = to surf modardh = surf Cymraeg malwoden; malwen (malwod, pl) = snail gwlithen; malwen ddu = slug tylluan; […]

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Les mots de la semaine

– une torche flambeau = flaming torch = ffagl = torch flamboz – une lampe de poche = (pocket) torch = tortsh = kreuzeul – en pincer pour qn = to carry a torch for sb = caru rhywun (o bell) yn ofer – au point = in focus = mewn ffocws, yn eglur = […]

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