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Useful phrases in Interlingua

A collection of useful phrases in Interlingua, an international auxiliary language developed by the International Auxiliary Language Association.

You can see them in many other languages by clicking on the English versions.

English Interlingua
Welcome Benvenite!
Hello Bon die! Salute! (on meeting)
Holla! (to call attention)
Vide! (to express surprise)
Hello (on phone) Hallo!
How are you? Como sta vos?
I'm fine thanks, and you? Multo ben, gratias. E vos?
Long time no see Quante tempore!
What's your name? Qual es vostre nomine?
My name is ... Mi nomine es ...
Where are you from? De ubi veni vos?
I'm from ... Io veni de ...
Pleased to meet you Contente de facer vostre cognoscentia!
Il es un placer facer vostre cognoscentia!
Good morning Bon matino
Good afternoon Bon die
Good evening Bon vespere
Good night Bon nocte
Goodbye Adeo; A revider
Good luck Bon fortuna! Bon sorte!
Cheers/Good health! A vostre sanitate! A vostre salute! Bon sanitate!
Have a nice day Ha un bon die!
Bon appetit Bon appetito!
Bon voyage Bon viage!
I understand Io comprende
I don't understand Io non comprende
Yes Si
No No
Maybe Forsan
I don't know Io non sape
Please speak more slowly Parla plus lentemente, per favor
Please say that again Dice lo de novo, per favor
Please write it down Scribe lo, per favor
Do you speak Interlingua? Parla vos interlingua?
Yes, a little Si, un pauc
Si, un poco
How do you say ... in Interlingua? Como se dice ... in interlingua?
Como dice on ... in interlingua?
Speak to me in Interlingua Parla me in interlingua
Excuse me Pardona me
How much is this? Quanto costa isto?
Sorry Pardono!
Please Per favor
Thank you Gratias
Multe gratias
Reply Il es nihil
Where's the toilet? Ubi es le w.c.?
Ubi es le lavatorio?
This gentleman will pay for everything Iste gentilhomine va pagar toto
Iste senior pagara toto
This lady will pay for everything Iste seniora vole pagar toto
Would you like to dance with me? Amarea vos dansar con me?
Vos placerea dansar con me?
I miss you Io te regretta
I love you Io te ama
Get well soon Recupera presto!
Leave me alone! Lassa me in pace!
Help! Adjuta!
Fire! Foco!
Stop! Stoppa!
Call the police! Telephona le policia!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Felice natal e bon anno nove
Happy Easter Felice pascha
Happy Birthday Felice anniversario
One language is never enough Un lingua es nunquam bastante
My hovercraft is full of eels
Why this phrase?
Mi aeroglissator es plen de anguillas

Interlingua phrases provided by Joey Cheng, with recordings by Jan Jurčík, and corrections by Carlos Eduardo de Paula

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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