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Nheengatu numbers

Numbers in Nheengatu (ñe'engatú), a Tupí-Guarani language spoken in Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 iepé iepesaua
2 mukũi mukũisaua
3 musapíri musapirisaua
4 irundi irundisaua
5 iepepu (lit. one hand) iepepusaua
6 puiepé (lit. one hand + one) puiepesaua
7 pumukũi (lit. one hand + two) pumukũisaua
8 pumusapíri (lit. one hand + three) pumusapirisaua
9 puirundi (lit. one hand + four) puirundisaua
10 mukũipu, pupu (lit. two hands) mukũipusaua, pupusaua

Source: Eduardo de Almeida Navarro. Curso de Língua Geral: Nheengatu ou Tupi Moderno. São Paulo - 2011.

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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