Re-correction of Ranjana lipi

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Re-correction of Ranjana lipi

Postby Krozan kapali » Mon 25 Feb 2013 1:26 pm

Actually the way that the vowels are kept in the page is in correct. The 1st row contains only vowel diacritics. The 2nd row is ok and it would be better if a message is shown as "ऋ&लृ and ॠ&लॄ" have the same vowel diacritic. I think it is better not to include the vowel diacritics with vowel alphabets because the rules to write the vowel diacritics is different for each alphabet. I now post the pic only of vowel and please correct it as fast as possible. I promise you to include the rules of vowel diacritics in next post.
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