Help With an Etymology

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Help With an Etymology

Postby dtp883 » Sun 30 Aug 2009 6:34 am

I was wondering if anyone knew the etymology of the word wine. Of course etymology isn't absolutely for certain but I couldn't find a somewhat definite one for wine. Wikipedia says it comes proto-Germanic which borrowed from Latin from proto-Indo-European. But I was wondering if it went further because to me the Hebrew yayin seems like it could be a cognate. I was just wondering if anyone knew which language (family) it originated in originally?
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Re: Help With an Etymology

Postby Talib » Sun 30 Aug 2009 7:31 am

The Hebrew is a loan. The original would have been wayin* but there was a shift in which word-initial /w/ became /j/.
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Re: Help With an Etymology

Postby linguoboy » Sun 30 Aug 2009 6:37 pm

This is a classic Wanderwort. The Indo-European reflexes simply aren't consistent with this being a word inherited from the protolanguage rather than one borrowed in prehistoric times. Since wine is believe to have originated in the south of the Caucasus, the most prevalent theory is that the name for it is derived from a source related to Georgian gwino and travelled along with the product itself. From there it would've been borrowed independently into Semitic on the one hand and into proto-Armenian on the other, and thence to Hittite (wiyana), Ancient Greek (oinos, from earlier woinos), etc.

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