RohNejNWqN    RohNejNWqN

The RohNejNWqN script was created by Shawn Savoie to write his conlang RohNejLWaN, which is intended to be the language of a new society, not in a fictional world but in reality. It was inspired by the Ancient's script in the Stargate Universe.

Notable features

  • Type of writing system: alphabet, though the consonants have an inherent diphthong which is pronounced when the consonants are in isolation or in a CC syllable.
  • Direction of writing: left to right then from top to bottom in horizontal rows then, if applicable, from front to back.
  • Used to write: RohNejLWaN.
  • It currently has two fonts (the primary fonts): the type/carve font and the handwrite font.
  • It includes eight logographemes to be used in logographemeal morphemes. Much like how graphemes are combined together to create morphemes that represent concepts and, usually, descriptions of concepts, these logographemes are combined together to create logographemeal morphemes that represent terms (morphemes, words, compounds, etc.). One logographeme can be a logographemeal morpheme. This same logographeme in combination with another one can create a new logographemeal morpheme. A two logographeme logographemeal morpheme.



Sample text

Sample text in RohNejNWqN


You can download the fonts from

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