Qelsh   Qelsh

The Qelsh script was invented in December 2009 by Nathan Baciao to write his conlang by the same name. Inspiration for the language came to him one night when he heard its sounds when walking on a beach in his dreams.

Notable Features

  • Type of writing system: alphabet
  • Direction of writing: right to left in horizontal lines
  • Used to write: Qelsh
  • The sounds of the language are similar to those found in some European languages, though not in English.
  • The vowels have two forms of sound, while the consonants have only one sound
  • Vowels go above the consonants and may connect to them.
  • The shape of the consonants is somewhat similar to those in the Old Romanian alphabet.

Qelsh script


The vowels have two forms and two sounds. They are not the same as in English and and are sometimes never heard in speech when whispered. The vowels can be switched around like a code. The second form and sounds are below the top vowels.

Qelsh vowels


Qelsh consonants


Qelsh numerals

The qæ'çóð symbol separates the numerals.

Sample text

Sample text in Qelsh


Ddaljø fhåjy nudh io çærh wiqóþ. Ljew, jyohw öí jwånh swax.


We are all the children of one God. He who came, is coming again.

If you have any questions about Qelsh, you can contact Nathan at: nbtwilightprince[at]gmail[dot]com

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