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Betamaze alphabet

The Betamaze alphabet is the creation by Terrana Cliff, an American art student in California. It is designed to draw mazes, which Terrana has been interested in for a long time.

Terrana would like to encourage other people to find new (perhaps more artful) ways to meet the simple demands of the concept.

Notable features

  • All the letters connect together so they can form paths.
    To make sure this happens, they all fit within a 3x3 grid. Letters are made from black squares and triangles in the grid. To allow the paths to connect, every letter has white space on the sides of the 3x3 grid.
  • Paths can branch, terminate, and come together.
    The locations on the 3x3 grid that are not used for connecting are used for giving each letter its shape. Within each letter, the black space is used to close or alter the path between the white connection spaces. Some letters have more black space in the grid than others. Some letters only allow a 3-way path, some are 2-way, some turn the path 90 degrees, some close in all directions, and some open to all directions.
  • Path structure can be altered without having to alter spelling, word order, etc.
    Every letter has a unique shape, unlike in the english alphabet, where some letters have the same shape (m and w are the same shape, just vertically flipped). Each letter can be turned upsidedown or flipped without a change in its meaning, so the direction of the path can be changed.

The Betamaze alphabet

The Betamaze alphabet

Numerals and punctuation

Betamaze numerals and punctuation

Sample text/maze

Sample text/maze


I think; therefore I am.

If you have any questions about Betamaze, you can contact Terrana at:


The Betamaze website

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