Word of the day – ringorrango

ringorrango, noun = flourish
ringorrangos = frills, buttons and bows, useless adornments

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  1. Jsoeph Staleknight says:

    You know, I never knew _that_ was a Spanish word.

  2. Omniglot says:

    I didn’t know is existed either until I came across is while looking through my Spanish dictionary. This word just caught my eye, and it’s such a satisfying word to say, though quite a challenge if you have trouble rolling your Rs.

  3. Angel says:

    I had never heard such a word! Well, there’s no doubt that one NEVER stops learning even one’s own language! I am a native Spanish speaker.

  4. Typical spanish folk song, from Asturias, the north:

    Por decir Viva San Roque
    me metieron prisionero,
    y ahora que estoy en prisiones,
    ¡Viva San Roque y el perro!

    A tu mandil échale UN RINGORRANGO,
    que retumbe el agua en la arena,
    qué triste se despide llorando
    la mi morena.
    que me diga que sí, que me diga que no,
    a la mi morena la camelo yo.
    la camelo yo, la he de camelar
    a la mi morena la saco a bailar.

    Need a traslation? 🙂

    Constant Reader.

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