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At the end of the day it’s not rocket science

At the end of the day I personally think it’s not rocket science, and at this moment in time and with all due respect, it absolutely shouldn’t of been a 24/7 nightmare that’s fairly unique. What on earth am I on about? Well the above sentence contains the top ten most overused phrases in English, […]

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Learning Hebrew

A visitor to Omniglot has contacted me on behalf of a relative who recently moved to Israel. The relative is finding Hebrew a very challenging language to learn and is looking for an alternative to Ulpan, the total immersion courses for immigrants to Israel. Any suggestions? An article I found in The Jerusalem Post reports […]

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Language quiz

Here’s a recording of part of a news report in a mystery language. Do you know or can you guess which language it is? [audio:]

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Linguistic research

I did some research on grammatical gender for my bilingualism class today which was similar to the experiment I tried out here last week. The victims participants were all native speakers of Welsh and we asked them to assign male or female voices to inanimate objects, some of which are usually associated with men – […]

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Word of the day – rhewlif

The Welsh word rhewlif was mentioned during Iolo Willams’ programme, Byd Iolo, on Radio Cymru yesterday. At first I wasn’t quite sure what he was talking about, but then I realised the word was a compound of rhew (frozen) and llif (flood) and guessed that it meant glacier. He was in Patagonia at the time, […]

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No more Latin

A number of local councils in the UK have decided to ban their staff from using phrases of Latin origin, such as vice versa, bona fide, ad lib, QED and pro rata, in speech or writing, according to this report. Some of the councils believe that Latin is elitist and discriminatory because not everybody understands […]

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Language quiz

Here’s a recording of a mystery language. Do you know or can you guess which language this is? [audio:]

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