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Word of the day – benutzen

benutzen/benützen, verb = to consult, to make use of, to take advantage of Example of usage: etwas als Vorwand benutzen = to use something as an excuse Related words: benutzbar = usable, passable (road) Benutzer = user, borrower benutzung= use Benutzungsgebühr = charge, hire charge This word caught my eye today while I was editing […]

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Word of the day – 龜

(guī) , noun = tortoise, turtle This is my favorite Chinese character and one of the few that sort of resembles the word it represents. At the top you have the head, then the two bits sticking out on the left are the claws, the shell is on the right and at the bottom is […]

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Word of the day – paratoad

paratoad, noun = preparation This word caught my eye as I was looking through my Welsh dictionary. If you didn’t know it was Welsh, you might think it was refering to some kind of amphibian paratrooper!

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Word of the day – подбородок

подбородок (podborodok), noun = chin For the past three months I’ve been learning Russian with Rosetta Stone. I study one lesson a week and spend about half an hour to an hour a day on it. This week’s lesson is about parts of the body and I really like the sound of the word for […]

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a recording of the Spanish word ringorrangos

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Word of the day – bleachtaire

bleachtaire, noun = detective bleachtaireacht, noun = detecting úrscéal bleachtaireachta = detective novel Is maith liom fuaim an fhocal seo, agus sin é an fáth a phioc mé é. Ina theannta sin, faoi láthair táim ag léamh úrscéal bleachtaireachta don fhoghlaimeoir fásta, Triblóid le Colmán Ó Drisceoil. I chose this word because I just like […]

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Word of the day – ringorrango

ringorrango, noun = flourish ringorrangos = frills, buttons and bows, useless adornments

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Language and memory

Some memories seem to be language-specific. For example, while working in Taipei I memorised various local addresses and phone numbers in Mandarin. If you asked me for such information in another language, e.g. English, I’d have to think of it in Mandarin first, then translate in my head. Similarly I know the contact details of […]

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Welcome to the new Omniglot blog

This blog will contain my musings on language and languages, interesting words and phrases, details of my adventures in foreign parts, and various other bit and bobs. The main language will be English, but I’ll slip into other languages on occasion, just to see if you’re paying attention.

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