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Word of the day – pachi pachi

Today’s word, パチパチ (pachi pachi) is an onomatopoeic Japanese word meaning: 1. pleasant clapping sound; 2. sound of something hot bursting open (i.e. popcorn); 3. incessant blinking It came up while I was chatting with some Japanese friends earlier today and is one of the many onomatopoeic words in Japanese. Here are some more examples: […]

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Finger names

When chatting with some Japanese friends today, the subject of finger names came up for some reason – specifically what the different fingers are called in Japanese and English. It took quite a while to establish which finger corresponded to which name – to make this clear, I found a picture of a hand, added […]

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As I have no classes this weekend, I decided to go to Aberystwyth today. The bus took about an hour and a half to get there and went through some nice scenery and some pretty villages and towns along the way. I particuarly liked Aberaeron, a small town by the sea with attractive Victorian houses […]

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The other day I found a site called Nobukaze which contains some interesting information about Japanese history, samurai, pop culture, language and a variety of other weird and wonderful Japan-related topics. There’s also some information about the Indonesian and Javanese languages and writing systems, and a guide to “Java for the Absolutely Clueless“. The Indonesian […]

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Today I came across the term sushi-go-round for the first time. I’d been discussing Japanese restaurants with a Japanese friend and mentioned that I didn’t know what to call those sushi places where you sit a the counter and the dishes come round on a conveyor belt. He found the term sushi-go-round in a Japanese-English […]

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Word of the day – haiku

As I’m sure many of you know, haiku (俳句) are short Japanese poems made of of 17 syllables usually in 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. The only Japanese haiku I can remember is: 古池や (furu ike ya) 蛙飛びこむ (kawazu tobikomu) 水の音 (mizu no oto) An old pond a frog jumps in splash! There are […]

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Mobile novels

Recently the first Mobile Phone Novel Awards were held in Japan. The winner was a woman from Osaka, whose novel concerns a love affair between a schoolgirl and a gigolo. You can see a Japanese version of the report here. The Japanese have apparently been reading novels and manga on their phones for a few […]

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Japanese for kids

The son of one of my friends has decided that he wants to learn Japanese and his parents have asked me if I can recommend any suitable courses for him. I thought of the Talk Now! series, but they only teach you a limited number of words and phrases, and the lad, who’s 10 years […]

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This morning I had a long chat on Skype with a Japanese lass from somewhere near Tokyo. We talked in a mixture of Japanese and English, and I was pleased to discover that I can still speak Japanese, inspite of many years of neglect. There are many words I’ve forgotten, and I tend to get […]

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Word of the day – 嵐 (arashi)

嵐 (arashi), noun = storm Examples of usage 嵐が来そうです (arashi ga kisō desu) It looks as if a storm is going to come 嵐が治まりました (arashi ga osamarimashita) The storm abated 男たちは嵐の夜に出てきました (otokotachi wa arashi no yoru ni detekimashita The men went out on a stormy night This character is a compound of two characters: on […]

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