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Does anyone know what the symbols in this photo might signify? It was sent in by a visitor to Omniglot and they don’t look at all familiar to me.

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Hand writing and writing implements

There was some interesting dicussion on the radio the other day about which writing implements people use if and when they write by hand. This got me thinking about how little I write by hand these days – I do most of my writing on my computer. When I do write by hand I tend […]

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Language of icons

Any ideas what these symbols/icons might mean? According to an article I came across today, this text means: Chinese artist Xu Bing has ideas about how people communicate. Different people in different countries should speak one language. Xu Bing wrote a new language. It uses pictures not words. It looks like Egyptian script meets Madison […]

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Mysterious script

Can anyone recognise the script below? It was sent in by a visitor and comes from an old letter. It looks like it’s written from right to left and might be a cursive form Hebrew. See the whole letter in PDF format.

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Puzzling postcard

This is a message on postcard sent in by a visitor to Omniglot, who thinks the writing might be in Gujarati. Can anyone decipher it?

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Musket inscription puzzle

Here is a mysterious inscription on a musket that was posted on the Omniglot fan club recently: See a larger version of this image. The person who sent this in the asked me to post the image here with this analysis from Christopher Ray Miller: I think this is more likely in the Kaithi script, […]

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Vrbnik inscription

Here’s a photo on an inscription sent in by a visitor to Omniglot. It comes Vrbnik, a village on Krk, an island off Croatia. See a larger version of the image. The alphabet is Glagolitic. Does anyone know what the language is and what it says?

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The Written World

There’s an interesting series on BBC Radio 4 this week which focuses on the written word and how it has shaped our intellectual history. It’s part of Melvyn Bragg’s In Our Time series, and the first programme, broadcast this morning, looks at the early history of writing.

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Runic puzzle

This photo was sent in by a visitor to Omniglot who would like to know if anyone can identify the alphabet and decipher the inscription. He thinks is looks like Younger Futhork. [Addendum] Here’s another image showing the inscriptions on both sides of the bar: Click here to see a larger version.

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Txtng n N’ko

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about how it is now possible to send text messages and emails in N’Ko, an alphabet invented in 1949 to write Mande languages of Guinea, Mali and Ivory Coast. Thanks to various iPhone apps and other software use of this alphabet is increasing. It also helps […]

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