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The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

The Tower of Babel

lix Gaeml (Kam)

  1. Unv jav nyenc dees mas menl gobs lis laot hangc lix, gobs wah laot yangh sungp.
  2. Juh maoh qamt touk mangv dongl xic jah, map touk biingc wangp nyaoh dih wangp Bah Biix Lunc, suh nyaoh jah nyaoh.
  3. Juh maoh daengl baov: "Oil daol weex xonl, deic xonl daos guas map." Jav il naih juh maoh suh weex xonl, yuh aol yuc bial naeml map deic xonl jibx qak.
  4. Juh maoh yuh wah: "Oil daol map weex jagc xingc laox, aox xingc yuv lis jagc tax, semp tax yuv pangp daeml mas maenl bail. Il naih, daol lail map liuuc guanl oil daol nyaoh, mieenx lis oil daol daengl pieek dah dees dih bail."
  5. Xus luih map, naengc oil nyenc naih weex xingc weex tax.
  6. Maoh wah: "Nuv ah! Oil maoh ledp jangs il yangh nyenc, jungh wah il yangh sungp. Xic naih gobs qit weex. Nuv bens il naih, jodx lenc juh maoh hangc mangc buh ledp weex lis!
  7. Map bax! Daol luih bail weex lonh sungp juh maoh, aol oil maoh wah sungp eis daengl wox hap."
  8. Jav il naih, Xus suh deic juh maoh siup sank dah dees mas maenl bail, juh maoh suh sav ongl weex xingc.
  9. Jagc xingc jah hap sint weex Bah Bieex, yenl yuih nyaoh xingc jah Xus weex lonh sungp nyenc, deic juh maoh siup sank dah dees mas maenl.

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