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The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Ch'ol of Tumbalá

Jini chan bʌ ts'ajc ti Babel

Source: El Antiguo Testamento en el ch'ol de Tumbalá. Liga Bíblica Internacional, 2011.

Ch'ol of Tila

Tiꞌ chaꞌleyob tꞌan ti yan tyac bʌ tꞌan

Source: Resumen del Antiguo Testamento en el chol de Tila, Liga Bíblica Internacional, 2011.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Ch'ol of Tumbalá and Ch'ol of Tila are varieties of Ch'ol, a Mayan language spoken in the Mexican state of Chiapas by about 135,000 people.

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Tower of Babel in Mayan Languages

Aguacateco, Ch'ol of Tila, Ch'ol of Tumbalá, Chuj, Kaqchikel, K’iche’, Northern (Huehuetenango) Mam, Poqomchi', Q'anjob'al, Q'eqchi', Quetzaltenango Mam, Southern Mam, Tzeltal, Tzotzil, Yucatec Maya

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